iEnspire Solutions is a premiere consulting firm that provides business solutions for clients to successfully perform and complete government and private sector contracts.


With over 20 years dedicated to government contract compliance, our experience provides an unparalleled expertise in local and small business requirements, workforce measures, and wage requirements. We are highly unique and specialized in the complexities of compliance, combining in-depth industry experience with a strong commitment to personal service to serve our clients.

Compliance is IES’s strong suit and it’s essential to successful contracting in both government and private sector contracting. We help firms assemble the ideal team, maintain compliance and build a positive track record in the industry. While each contract has its own unique set of requirements, IES has the knowledge and experience to guide all stakeholders through the myriad of requirements. Whether its small, minority or workforce goals, living or responsible wages, IES provides optimal oversight and/or guidance to your firm to maintain compliance. As a true business partner, IES is available to help your firm deal with any business opportunity or challenge. We stand ready to engage in business consulting projects to help you make the right decisions for the future of your business.

IES is dedicated to the mission of promoting the economic advancement of all clients by providing a holistic approach to success through customized strategies, processes, training and customer service. IES focuses on bringing together strong teams to complement each other and promote the growth of small, medium and large firms. IES is the perfect liaison for all stakeholders. Securing a contract is the first hurdle; managing the contract and maintaining compliance is the biggest challenge to success. IES delivers the best business solutions to promote your success. For more information on how we may serve you, contact us.

Veronica Clark


Veronica Clark is a former government professional with over 20 years experience in government contracting and compliance with Miami-Dade County, which has one of the most comprehensive small business programs in the country. She is a recognized expert in Miami-Dade County for workforce and small business compliance. She was recognized by the Minority Chamber of Commerce as the Female Public Servant of the Year in 2013.

With oversight responsibility for the review of construction, architectural, engineering, goods and professional services projects for placement of small business measures, as well as contract, workforce and living wages compliance, her experience encompasses all aspects of small business programs and compliance. Having been responsible for drafting, amending and interpreting legislation and procedures related to the Small Business, Living Wages and Workforce Programs, Veronica has an intricate understanding of the requirements of government contracting, which makes her an invaluable asset to any team contracting or wishing to contract with government. Additionally, Veronica served as the County’s original project manager for the implementation of its diversity management software provided by B2Gnow. B2Gnow is the national standard for accurately managing certification, contract compliance, and other processes related to small/minority business inclusion and certification programs. Veronica has the experience to ensure your firm and its subcontractors adhere to the requirements of the new technology driven compliance models.

As the president of iEnspire Solutions, Veronica and her team specializes in Business Development and Management, Project and Program Management, government contracting, contract compliance, workforce management, dispute mitigation and resolution. As an SBE subject matter expert, she serves primes, subcontractors/subconsultants, as well as entities that want to strengthen their SBE/MBE programs. As a member of your team, Veronica would be your team’s “not so secret” weapon.