is a premiere consulting firm that provides business solutions for clients to successfully perform and complete government and private sector contracts.

As an entrepreneur, you are the expert in your field; however, government regulations and contract requirements may leave you feeling like an amateur.

Whether you’re looking to win your first contract or grow revenues, iEnspire Solutions (IES) has decades of expertise and experience navigating the process.

IES brings its extensive experience in government contract compliance to serve Developers, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Private/Public Partnerships, Specialty contractors, small, mid-size and minority firms that want to grow in government and private sector contracting. We serve various industries, including construction, architecture, engineering, goods and services.

With our comprehensive service offering, our team of professional consultants offer expertise on issues throughout the contracting process. From Request for Proposals to contract closeout, IES will help you to succeed.

We are committed to excellence and dedicated to providing high quality, personalized service. IES delivers your best business solutions!

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